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Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to my studio I go…….

Coming off a really weird year and a half for all of us, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things by completing commissions, studio work and life’s incidentals. Just wrapped up 6 years as the Treasurer of the American Glass Guild, Inc., where year-round contacts with other glass artists throughout the country and international members have kept my studio time down but the inspiration and knowledge that was gained, INVALUABLE. What a wonderful way to network with your peers and get your creative juices going. I am still active with AGG, but thrilled to get more time in my studio with awesome ideas that I have been jotting down and designs that I have drawn. Now, I can get to draw to scale the designs, pick out glass, cutting patterns and glass, painting, firing and completing new works. Getting ideas from my head to a completed project sometimes takes years with other projects getting done in between, interfering with the flow from conception to reality. Hence, the scatter brain that I have become……… (maybe always have been if you ask my friends) Too many balls in the air!!!!!!!

Making painted glass borders for panels that need to be finished and abusing brushes in the studio at the moment. You can see I have cleaned the brush and was able to restore it to its beautiful shape…… Always take care of your brushes. Have had this one for decades.

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1 Comment

Kathy Campbell McClung
Kathy Campbell McClung
Aug 16, 2021

Great blog Carol! You are a scatterbrain but we love you anyway.

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