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Deborah Scheinberg

Time Passages Jewelry

Mixed Media Jewelry

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Studio #2

128 Fourth Bridge Road

Hedgesville, WV  25427

"As I began exploring my preferences in the jewelry-making  art-form, mixed media artistry and combining old and new components together really touched a nerve.  I found that certain historical periods also gave me inspiration.  Romantic period, Victorian icons, and Steampunk imagery always caught my eye and provided ideas and led me to learn many new techniques.   During an especially snowy winter, I composed statement necklace pieces using parts and pieces from the beloved collection I enjoyed as a child.  I’ve studied and taught myself resin clay art, using resin in my art work, and treating metals with inks, pigment and patina.  I incorporate the flotsam and jetsam of yesteryear with paper, my photography, metal and crystals and even watch parts.  Basic wire-working skills are a necessary part of my work that I continually try to perfect.  After I complete a piece, I inspect it and carefully check the details and work.  I’ve created a unique collection of statement brooches that you will see in photos. 

I am self-taught in Japanese braiding called Kumihimo, which I have incorporated in my work and have created many beaded pieces using this technique.  

My pieces reflect my journey in life over time and evoke time periods, and hopefully, tell a story."

~Deborah Scheinberg



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