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“Handmade” is the Real Luxury

As a traditional basket weaver, I work primarily in reed. For a change of pace I experiment with paper, willow, bark, ribbon, yarn, green briar, grapevine, honeysuckle, and other natural fibers; not to mention sticks and stones! Working with unusual materials challenges my skills and piques my sense of discovery. In other words, it’s great fun!

When I was five years old my Aunt Mary taught me to sew and set me on a path of creativity that I still walk; I was always going to be a “maker”! When I took my first basket class, over 30 years ago, I found my sewing skills translated naturally to basketry. I’ve taken many basket weaving classes, some from world renowned instructors, but no one has been as instrumental as Aunt Mary. She taught me what luxury is.

In a world so intensely directed to mass production; “handmade” is the real luxury.

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