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Judy Jeffares

Dancing Light Studio at WhisperWood

Mixed Media Jewelry

Metalsmith / Enamelist


Studio #9

700 Diamond Avenue

Martinsburg, WV  25404

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"I’ve been told I need to decide what I want to do when I grow up, but how do you when there are just so many wonderful things to learn how to do. I have taken workshops in stained glass, pottery, paper making and even wood carving; but my love of working with glass and metals has always been my focus to my jewelry designs.  I work with hot glass in fusing and lampworking and about four years ago I began incorporating more metalsmithing into my designs where I do enamel on copper as well as etching and embossing on copper and brass. I love taking workshops to help me enhance my work and I find no matter what workshop I take there is always some part of it that I can bring back to inspire me.

I guess I could refer to myself as a self-taught jewelry artisan, but I am able to do what I do today by many skilled artisans sharing their gift with me."

~ Judy Jeffares

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