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In the Studio at Left Field Clock Company

I’m fortunate to have not only a large 18’ x 20’ spare room in my house to use as a studio, I also share a huge, detached workshop with my husband. But the real clock making doesn’t occur in the physical space. Clock ideas often tumble out uncontrollably from my head. Yes, I have woken up at night and scrambled for pen and paper. Lately, I’ve had far too many ideas and not enough motivation to put the ideas into reality. Fortunately, the reality of being back on the 2021 Trails and Trees Tour is getting the ideas moving out of the design phase and into production.

I’ve stopped going to yard sales and 2nd hand stores because my closets are bulging with items that serve as my paints and canvas. But that hasn’t stopped me from collecting. I’m currently staring at a stack of coffee can rims I’ve cut off. There’s an itching in my brain for an idea, it just hasn’t come out full form. I’m thinking maps and crochet yarn and maybe some coffee beans. Who knows? Hopefully it’ll be on display this November.

Whatever your outlet, continue creating.

All the best, Anna

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