Ed Cimaglio is a retired graphic designer and sign painter, who recently has turned his hand to gourd art; using pyrography, staining, hand carving and dying to create  unique designs from the decorative to the functional gourd lamps!  www.backcreekvalleygourds.com  ecimags@yahoo.com. 

Danny Trenary - VinTin Welding 

VinTin Welding and Fabricating is a blacksmith and fabrication shop that was founded by Danny and Katie Trenary in 2008. Danny's experience with welding paired naturally with his new found love of blacksmithing. Their main focus has been to create custom ironwork to compliment homes and businesses. The benefit of the beautiful and functional design in Danny's work is that it's also the quality of a lasting family heirloom.

On line at   vintinwelding.com  at  Facebook at  VinTin  Welding and Blacksmithing.

Frank Graves, at Rockdale Forge Ironworksis  a Blacksmith.  Using his love for working with the forge, he produces an array of items using both traditional and modern methods.  Items include period/historical pieces, lawn & garden pieces and original designs. 


Carol Slovikosky    has been creating her breathtaking stained glass artwork for over 25 years using both traditional and non-traditional methods. She enjoys the process from concept and paper drawing to cutting, painting , kiln firing to finished product. Her work is always invites a second look.


Kathy McClung brings years of expertise  to weaving her traditional and contemporary baskets constructed of reed, native materials and paper.  She strives to create work that is sturdy, functional and pleasing. Kathy is also a serious beekeeper producing artisanal honeys!   

skmcclung@hotmail.com andFacebook

Meet THE  artists & artisans  

Daniel Sampson

is frequently referred to as the "man in the wooden hat" because he does remarkable things with wood, including make hats! He also makes a variety of  well turned wooden items, each an outstanding example of his skill and craftsmanship.

Bill Friend, With over 40 years of experience in his craft, Bill uses wood that has been locally harvested and milled by his family. He enjoys integrating a variety of wood species into his handcrafted projects.  His attention to detail is showcased in his product line that includes tables, stoools, cutting boards and other unique items. 

Lynn Gundry  is a talented and skilled glass artist and artistry teacher. Lynn's stained glass creations include her "signature" quilt squares and double star sun catchers. She has even created church windows.

 email - labyrinthartglass@gmail.com

Labyrinth  Art glass on Facebook

Joe Bourgeois  With his focus on craft work , Joe meets the definition of craftsman. His goal is to unite craft, process and customer satisfaction. With experience in all aspects of carpentry, Joe creates custom made wood furniture, cabinets and home decorations (trays, boxes of all kinds and other assorted home furnishings). In addition, his background in old house restoration gives him the know-how to remodel a space as well as to create custom built-ins for that space. www.bourgeois furniture.com

Matt Butterworth  Working with infinite skill, Matt creates distinctive blown glass vases and formed glass items.  He studied glass at Virginia Commonwealth University and has honed his craft to produced striking and artful pieces, some of which take hours  of careful shaping over hot flames.  He shows his work at a number of festivals including the  local, North Mountain Arts Festival.  His work combines both vitality and lightness in inspired designs.  Mattjbutterworth@gmail.com

The Trails and Trees Studio Tour is proud to showcase the region's finest artists and artisans; each one bringing their special talents ,skills  and love of craftsmanship to their work.  All are dedicated to their craft and their talents shine through. It is their pleasure to open their studios every year to visitors - to discuss their work and share their ideas and latest creations with guests.  

Many of the Tour artists also show their work at other regional shows and art festivals. 

Introducing the members of the 2018 Trails and Trees Studio Tour: 

David Carroll - Berkeley Pottery   David comes from a long line of potters beginning with Irish immigrants who lived in WV many years ago and used local clay to make their pottery.  David moves that tradition forward  to create unique pottery.  Working with infinite skill,  David has also branched out into his larger business in Martinsburg where he teaches pottery construction and decoration to customers.


​​Mona Kissel  has a fine eye for color and creativite designs yielding contemporary one-of-a-kind polymer clay and beaded jewelry pieces with a focus on color, texture and contrast. She also designs small framed art pieces, Washi Quilts and Peyote Bead Weaving  and  art cards.


​​Paul Berryhill  is a watercolor landscape painter, signature member of the Baltimore Water Color Society,  who gathers inspiration for his work from his surroundings. He loves painting rural buildings, equipment and the environment. He has recently turned his hand to shore scenes, lighthouses  and seascapes.

 www.paulberryhill's gallery.com,PaulBerryhill@yahoo.com and Facebook.

Anna Howard, Leftfield Clock Company,  can make "time fly"..almost. A unique and imaginative clock maker, Anna's clocks are  unique,  one-of-a-kind pieces of functional artistry. Made of repurposed items and material and forged from her creativity, Anna's clocks are much sought after items. If it can be sewn, painted, bent, glued or bolted, it's likely to end up somewhere as a clock!  

leftfieldclockcompany@gmail.com and Facebook.

Judy Jeffares   Judy is an artisan with a fascination for the effects of glass. While taking many paths on her creative journey, her passion always leads back to creating jewelry incorporating a variety of mediums with a focus on glass.  Always looking to expand her work, Judy's designs include fused glass, lampwork beads, enameled, embossed and hand painted copper and an interactive art medium.

  www.dancinglightatwhisperwood.com and  Facebook

Kat Cimaglio  is an  award winning acrylic painter who also works in Pen & Wash  and fiber/soft sculpture. Her painting subjects include historic buildings, animals, landscapes and the vanishing rural character.

Her wool/cashmere needle felted animals are all inspired by her farm life and animals.

www.katstudioart.com,  email kat@katstudioarts @ gmail.com and Facebook.